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1. Do you open the Gallery & Garden by appointment ?

We do not open by appointment as we are busy creating new art works for our advertised open days in Autumn & Spring.

2. Do you make-to-order or take commissions?

Unfortunately we don’t as we are flat out making new works for our next exhibition.

3. Are there toilet facilities available ?

The one big oversight at Shades of Gray was to not put in a toilet!

4. How many years has Shades of Gray been around?

Chelly and Peter Gray started Shades of Gray in February 1994

5. Why is it called Shades of Gray?

Our surname is Gray and it is called Shades of Gray as a combination of our combined art work.

6. Why do you open only a few days a year?

We are flat out with keeping up with the demand for our work, by opening only for our exhibition it leaves us time to make more art work.

7. Do you run classes?

Sorry we don’t, no time.

8. If I have some old iron or wire lying around are you interested in it?

We have many years of recycled materials stacked away, so we are not after any more.

9. How do I know when Shades of Gray is open?

You can go on our mailing list for updates or instagram or just keep an eye on our website.

10. How many people make the art work at Shades of Gray?

Husband & wife team Chelly & Peter make all the art work at Shades of Gray.

11. Do you sell wholesale?

Sorry we don’t

12. Do you sell through other outlets?

No. Our work is only available through Shades of Gray in Castlemaine, however we are happy to post our work.

13. Do you use recycled materials ?

Recycling has always been very important to us. Our lives revolve around recycling as much as possible, even our gallery and studio are made from recycled materials.

14. Does Shades of Gray deliver?

We post through Australia Post or work can be freighted. Sometimes we even do special delivery runs to Melbourne but that is rare and you need to keep an eye out in November & December on instagram for details.

15. Is Instagram the best way to keep informed about new work?

Instagram by far is the best way to keep up to date with what we are making. We are on instagram 4 weeks before we open and continue being on it while we are open.


Entry into Shades of Gray is free.