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Artists Chelly & Peter Gray found a roll of rusty wire on their country property in the early nineties and started twisting it into works of art. Perhaps because of their ceramics training, their creations are functional as well as original, from candelabras and bowls to wreaths, mirrors, beautiful copper nests, sculptures and a large range of flowers.

Shades of Gray has had work on display from Daylesford’s Convent Gallery to the Guggenheim in New York, in galleries and shops around Australia as well as commissions from private homes, to restaurants, vineyards, cafes and corporate spaces.

Since then their sculptures and stunning home and gallery has appeared in magazines including Vogue Living, Country Style, InsideOut and Marie Clare.

The two artists have their own studio & gallery in Castlemaine which is open to visitors on selected dates in autumn and spring each year. Please check dates to confirm we are open as we do not open outside of our advertised open days.